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If you had joined Facebook a couple of years into its existence, you'd have made $200M.
Even if you joined Facebook in 2009 as employee #1000, you'd still have made $20M.

Dustin Moskovitz on How to Start a Startup
Co-Founder of Facebook

That's awesome, but

It's too late to join Facebook now. So we built an algorithm to predict which startups are on track to become the next Facebook ;)

TalentSort is a recruiting search engine like no other
You can't build a leading product with mediocre people.

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TalentSort Skill Assessment Tech
Waste less of your team's time with phone interviews.

TalentSort mines open source code. Lots of it! Across many programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, SQL, Swift, and so on. TalentSort ranks engineers who build iOS/Android apps, bots, games, databases, and websites. Furthermore, it also ranks developers who design machine learning or deep learning algorithms. Those rare ninja rockstar developers will be listed first. And our talent sort algorithm mines actual source code, not bogus resume claims.

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Source Code
Ranked Developer Profiles

TalentSort Intro Email Tech
Waste less of your team's time writing personal emails.

TalentSort knows each engineer's passions and can craft beautiful intro emails. And no, we're not talking about "Hi FIRST_NAME" kind of personalization. TalentSort raises the bar all the way up when it comes to outbound recruiting.

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30-day money back guarantee; no questions asked.

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5.5M ranked profiles
5K profile exports (per month)
2K personal emails (per month)
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Set of tools for hiring at scale
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5.5M ranked profiles
Unlimited profile exports
Unlimited personal emails
Search and sort our database:
Country of Origin
Technical Skills
Programming Languages

2018 is an employee's market
Rob or others will rob you of your most valuable asset, talent.

Seattle leads the way when it comes to total compensation increase for the past year. Employees in the Seattle metro area have gained the most from switching companies. This means you're going to pay a premium to hire engineers. So you owe it to yourself to hire industry leaders. They'll have the most impact on your startup or enterprise.

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Total compensation 12-month % change ending June 2018

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Recruit the best of the best. Spend more time on what matters.

  1. Make a difference in your organization. Recruit the best of the best.
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