Facebook Custom Audience PixelChangelog - StartupSort



  • Started working on the investment platform; will be free to Prime users.
  • Moved away from AWS Route53 to Namecheap DNS.
  • Switched to Let's Encrypt SSL certificates to increase speed of downloading static resources.


  • Website is now fully mobile friendly.
  • Free quota allows searching up to 10 times a day before asking the user to upgrade to Prime.
  • Added word cloud of skills that each startup is looking for in candidates.
  • Added feature that allows users to subscribe to our newsletter.
  • When users come from HN or PH they'll be shown a welcome message bar at the top of the page.
  • Implemented a job details page to test how much traffic that can get.
  • Added an invite to request the resume checklist via email on the job details page.
  • Created dedicated page to request the resume checklist via email.


  • Moved away from Bootstrap and upgraded to Semantic UI.
  • Added button for resetting your filters when at least one filter is selected.
  • Added part-time option to job type filter.
  • Added programming language filter (e.g. Java, Python, JavaScript).
  • Added technology filter (e.g. Node.js, Hadoop, MySQL).


  • Refactored the front-end code by following proper design patterns.
  • Dropped R in favor of Python; rewrote R code to Python.

2015-09-08 (the day after Labor Day)

  • 1K+ startups and 15K+ job listings were added to the database.
  • A patent is pursued with USPTO for ranking startups and their associated job listings.
  • Added support for coupons. New coupons will be published monthly.
  • Initial SEO efforts.