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How StartupSort Works
Our sorting algorithm uses a wealth of signals to rank startups

The StartupSort algorithm, at its core, measures the growth momentum (i.e. the angle of the trend line) of each startup's website traffic. This allows smaller startups to rank high and even compete with larger startups in terms of growth. We highly recommend joining a startup that has a strong growth path, rather than a startup that gets lots of traffic, but which is stagnant. A startup that is rapidly growing will need to scale its infrastructure and expand its operations, thus your career will likely take off like nowhere else.

You've got options

We index a little over 1,000 startups for more than 20,000 jobs, and we're constantly adding more every week.

Gain is optimized, Risk is minimized

We collect signals like size, funding, traffic, breaking news etc. on which we apply machine learning techniques to estimate future growth.

Flexibility is built-in

Got kids? You decide how much risk you're willing to take given where you are in your life.

No pressure

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