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Why StartupSort
Corporations vs. Startups


After working in a corporation for a few years, the three of us have realized that we wanted more from life. We wanted to actually work on projects that have a real impact on the world. Don't get us wrong, there are such projects in corporations, but we just weren't lucky enough to join those teams.

So we wanted to start a startup (like most other entrepreneurs), but soon after seeing that most of our projects failed in one way or the other, we gave up. However, we always kept our eyes open for new ideas and opportunities. And one day, as one of us was watching Y Combinator's "How to Start a Startup" class, we realized that we can meet our lives' goals by joining a startup rather than building one from scratch. We just wanted to be part of something great.

However, 90% of startups fail. And for us, taking such a big risk was simply not an option. If we were to join a startup, we wanted to eliminate risk as much as possible.


The task became an optimization problem. How could we find the one startup that was going to get as big as Facebook did? It so happens that one of us is a very talented data scientist who was able to come up with a simple algorithm to rank startups in no time. We quickly prototyped it and looked at the results.

We were blown away. The moment we saw that some companies we had not even heard of are growing at an extreme rate, we knew that we were on to something. Out of all the noise and hearsay, that initial startup sorting algorithm surfaced some small companies which were growing even faster than corporations. Since then, the algorithm has been much improved and rebranded as StartupSort.

This is our journey. We're very happy to have been able to create StartupSort and help our customers find their dream jobs in on-the-rise startups. With StartupSort, risk is minimized, gain is optimized.

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